My place for all things creative.


This is me, Bail.

I’m a former Social Worker taking a break from the professional world to be your resident stay at home mommy.


I’m a wife to an intelligent guy, who loves sports (maybe even more than me sometimes) and mommy to a mischievous little one who my husband will describe as my mini-me.


When I’m not chasing after my toddler, or cleaning up after our family dog, you will usually find me tackling all sorts of bargain friendly projects around our little home. From painting furniture to trying out new recipes in the kitchen (mostly the sweet kind), I am usually crafting something or on the hunt for my latest inspiration (and this usually involves my toddler along for the ride).


You can find all my DIY creations on this blog, my Facebook Page and Instagram. Or if you’d like to get inspired with me, follow me on Pinterest! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, email me at

Go ahead, take a peak!


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