Alright, so the title of this post is very fitting for the mood I was in when painting this table. Read on and I’ll explain!

I saw this table from far away at a thrift store. It was hidden under a bunch of other tables and bookshelves. I loved the legs, that’s what caught my eye.

Anyway, when I saw the price tag, $6.99, I knew this would be a fun rehab. The first thing I noticed about this table, SOLID & HEAVY. The store clerk helped me put it in my car, but I really had no idea how I would get it out. HA! I wish I made a video of me trying to get it out my car…. all by myself (#womencandoanything). It must have been worse than giving birth. Either way, here it is finally, in my garage, ready for a makeover.






(the battery on my camera died so I had to make due with cell phone photos!)

A while back, I saw a similar table on Pinterest with heavily distressed legs and I really wanted to try that look on this table. As most of my projects, I dived right in with no real plan. I painted two SUPER rough coats of Americana Decor Chalky Finish LACE on all the legs. After the coats, I pulled out my favorite sanding sponges/blocks.


These things are so great for distressing furniture. I would totally recommend having a few of these on hand if you are planning on doing a project like this. You can usually pick them up for a couple of bucks at any hardware store. I sanded the table without applying a coat of soft wax to it first, (Annie Sloan recommends to apply a coat of soft wax before distressing….I think it’s to avoid the extra dust and mess from sanding). Either way, I decided to just skip that step (yes, it WAS a mess though). Finally, I treated the legs with my favorite – Annie Sloan Dark Wax.

Here’s the before and after

img_0371      img_0376


I really wanted to stain the top using a rich wood stain. That obviously didn’t go as planned since the table top was in pretty bad shape and needed a lot of TLC to get a smooth surface. Plus, it was near 95 degrees outside (SO HOT!!) and I really didn’t feel like putting in all the work to smooth out the top.

This is why I LOVE chalk paint!!  A few months ago, I accidentally ordered the wrong color chalk paint online so I thought I’d give it a try.

I painted on a few coats of Americana Decor RUSTIC and LOVED IT!

Here’s the final result!

(again cell phone photo!)



dsc_0676   dsc_0683



What do you think??

I sold this table pretty quickly, so I wasn’t able to take many photos of it. Either way, it made for a fun afternoon of painting! If you have any questions or comments, “drop” them below! (ha!)



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