“Hot dog, hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!”

Do all SAHMs have this song running on repeat in their heads too? It’s amazing how many times a day I catch myself humming a tune from Disney Juniors ever famous Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sometimes (on my luckiest days), I will be out running errands without the rugrat and find myself listening to toddlers tunes. I wont even realize it until 10-15 minutes into the car ride.

Last fall, my then 2 year old had a bit of an obsession for Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So naturally, we decided to do what crazy parents would do during holiday season and take her across the country to Disney World in Orlando. Mind you, this was not as easy trek with a toddler, traveling from the west coast all the way to Florida seemed daunting to me. I was dreading the trip so much. From busy airports to unmanageable crowds at Disney, I knew it would be a bad idea.

8 hours post travel

Surprisingly the trip turned out to be more relaxing than we had imagined and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Busy Toddler
Busy Toddler




Aside from meeting Mickey and Minnie (which was by far the true highlight of this trip and worth all the stress leading up to it), we decided to visit The Crayola Experience, also in Orlando. This place was toddler heaven! The moment we walked into the building, Nyla saw all the bright colors and just started screaming and running around with so much excitement (probably the first time I have ever seen her do this).


We spent hours exploring all the neat activities this place had to offer but one of the coolest things we did was the Crayola Drip Art. The process included loading two crayon colors of your choice into a machine which melts the wax as you create a neat spin art souvenir. We made so many of these and I really wanted to keep them all (which is what I did, of course!)


I carefully packed each one in our suitcase and brought them home. They sat on our hallway cabinet for weeks until I decided what I wanted to do with them (this drove my husband crazy!)


Finally, I was getting annoyed of them just sitting there too. After picking up the largest canvas I could find at Michael’s, I decided on making something for Nyla’s playroom. Teal! I searched
through my paint stash for whatever teal, white, blue-ish
colors I had and just mixed them all together as I went. This was really a quick afternoon project without any sort of planning.

After quickly painting the entire canvas, I applied Mod Podge to each circle and carefully pressed each one into the canvas.


Here’s the final product! My ode to a truly special family vacation!







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